Locus 144 Liberty Village Restaurant


Liberty Village Restaurant

Liberty Village’s Best Kept Secret

Liberty Village’s best-kept secret, located in the Galleria of the Liberty Market Building is coming to its 8th year this July and is one of the longest standing resto bars in LV.  Business partners Fabio and Cassius take great pride in offering their guests a warm and family-friendly experience from your every encounter with Locus144 that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re looking for the 5 o’clock (cocktail) drink, ask your server about their specialty cocktails, check out Wine Wednesdays or Thursdays 1/2 priced pizzas. Share an outstanding personal thin crust pizzas with fresh basil and whipped burrata, or mixed mushrooms with truffle cream and more, a bowl of fresh pasta such as pappardelle with mushrooms, tartufata, truffle-Parmigiano cream, a delectable shrimp, scallop and calamari fettucine, and not leaving behind the infamous traditional Italian comfort bowl of rigatoni bolognese that can bring a tear to your eye with the taste of the old country. Gluten-free diet? Not to worry, all of these delicious dishes can be offered in gluten-free pasta just for you! You will lick your lips and will not forget the personal touch of the place, that seeps through the walls.

Fabio and Cassius created Locus, “the place to meet”, as more than just a place to eat. Locus144 was built with their own two hands along with the help of others. Putting their hearts and souls, care and pride, creating an atmosphere for friends and family. It is a place where you can walk in and never feel alone, there is always someone to welcome you and treat you like family. If you are not sure what you have a hunger for, a member of their Team can recommend something for you.

Come in and try out Chef Danylo’s menu, and the Team’s expert service, the experience will be epic and never be forgotten. Remember, Locus144 will leave you wanting more.

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