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Chef Danylo Mielnik

Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Danny has always been connected to food. From an early age, his family bonded over food, and this has carried over his philosophy behind Southern Italian cooking.

In March 2016, he was featured in Notable as a “Notable Young Professional”for his role as executive chef at Ovest, where he was promoted from chef de cuisine within one month due to a managerial change.

Before his culinary career began, he attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology for computer science. After three semesters, the love for food and discovering new culinary adventures took over.

Danny graduated from George Brown College in 2006 and has worked at a variety of Italian restaurants.

After leaving his first job, Danny took a job with NOCE, specializing in the fine-dining side of Italian cooking. There, he fell in love with Southern Italian cooking principles: fresh ingredients, great value and never sacrificing quality. His sous chef role allowed him to thrive with a smaller kitchen crew and add more to his culinary toolbox every day.

Chef Danny values mental toughness, organization and strong character in his kitchen. But more importantly, he values his culinary creations as an opportunity for his guests. It’s more than just rustic, yet sophisticated pizzas.

At Locus 144, we believe every guest who walks through the door deserves the opportunity to enjoy the sense of community and happiness good food brings.

There’s something special in the air in Liberty Village. It’s the smell of Chef Danny cooking up a Torontonian twist on Southern Italian dining classics.