Locus 144 Liberty Village Restaurant


Locus 144 Toronto Art

Ronnie The Bren Gun Girl

Veronica Foster, popularly known as, “Ronnie, The Bren Gun Girl”, worked for the John Inglis Co. producing Bren Light Machine Guns and became a WWII Canadian icon.

Ronnie worked on the production line of a manufacturing plant on Strachan Avenue in Toronto producing Bren Light Machine Guns for WWII. She was one of nearly one million women that worked in these plants during this time. Today the John Inglis Co. manufacturing plant is better known and recognized as Liberty Village, more specifically, locus144.

Ronnie loved to have fun, she was beautiful, sexy, worked hard and played hard. Not dissimilar to what most working women and men do today. Stop into locus144 after work for a libation, grab some food, and admire the authentic hand-painted replica of this photograph hanging on the wall. Feel the atmosphere that is locus144. Bring your friends to enjoy a TFC Game to either watch on their surrounding screens or walk across to BMO Field. Stay in and experience the look, feel and groove of locus144 to celebrate a special occasion or spend the night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and you will find a DJ in the house spinning great music for dancing and chilling all night long.

The people that made this location what it once was, like Ronnie and her colleagues and friends, are not very different from those that reside there today. They are people, like you and me, we work to live and want to enjoy our time when we are here. Eat great food, enjoy the conversations, have epic experiences on any and all days of the week, live life and most of all, do it your way. The owners of locus144 and their staff want you to feel the authenticity of locus144 they want you to end your night wanting more; looking forward to the next time you return.  Locus144 is the place to meet, and for however long you are visiting, take in the experience, just chill and come back for more.

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